Rehabilitate and Safely Release

Paws Critter Crossing is a safe haven for injured or abandoned wildlife. When an animal is brought to PCC they are admitted for care. Based on species, size and age, we will evaluate the animal upon its arrival.  Once evaluated medical care will be provided if needed and if it is simply TLC, then that’s what they will get. We will develop a care plan and continue until the animal is able to survive on their own. Once the animals are rehabilitated and ready to be released, they will be released at undisclosed location where hunting is absolutely forbidden. We are unable to release any animal back to the location to where it was found.

Refuge and Safe Haven


PCC is also a sanctuary for farm animals and domesticated wildlife. We have a variety of animals that have come to PCC with some kind of story. From an abused horse that was underweight and abused to now a happy and healthy pasture boss, two week old baby pigs that lost their Momma that are growing leaps and bounds, cows that were being used for calf roping came to us, giving TLC and now live care free. The stories we have are endless. Become a volunteer and find out more.

Community Outreach

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

We at Paws are very knowledgeable about a variety of animals and we like to educate those who like to learn. PCC has done numerous presentations at schools for both career days as well as science classes when they were studying mammals. Paws has also had summer camps at our organization, where the kids come and tour the farm and learn about the animals they get to see. 

Become a Volunteer

We need you! Paws heavily relies on our volunteers. It is extremely difficult for us to operate without you. We have flexible schedules, we provide the training for both the domestic animals and the wildlife.

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