Say hello to a few of our friends

Have you ever had the experience to raise a baby goat from birth? Well we have.  Lizzy was a twin who lost her brother and her Momma at birth. Lizzy became the talk of the organization when she had her own column in our newsletters. She talked about her experiences and the things she has observed both in and out of the barn. She likes to sneak into the barn and hide in her stall hoping you wont see her and send her back out to the pasture. She is definitely quite the character. Its even funnier when she thinks she rules the roost but gets pushed aside by the true ruler of the pasture, that being Irish the horse.




Our volunteers dive right in

Our volunteers come to us with various backgrounds and all walks of life. The one thing we have in common with them is their love for animals. Whether you work in the barn or the rehab center, they are not afraid to get their hands or cloths dirty. If you are in the rehab feeding the babies or cleaning cages, you are bound to get dirty. We become so involved taking care of these critters, that we don’t realize how messy it can be. When you care for these animals and see the look in their eyes knowing you are there to take care of them is so rewarding that it doesn’t matter how dirty you are when you leave.